Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Sebastian Kowollik, and I’m a Toronto-based actor and writer, with strong ties to my former home Berlin, Germany.

I was born and raised in Munich, Germany – where I eventually moved to Berlin for several years before immigrating to Canada. I was raised by my German father and Swedish/Indo-Guyanese mother, who eventually moved to Spain. You could say that my upbringing was multicultural.

Before I fully committed to acting, I was very focused on academics, obtaining a Master of Science in Physics. Outside of acting and writing, clearly, I’ve got a thing for numbers.

I’d like to think that my diverse cultural and academic background contributes to the actor, writer, and person I am today. I believe strongly that where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced continuously allows me to create art and live in a way that speaks to myself and others.

Most recently, my feature film debut as an actor “So Much Tenderness” — directed by Colombian-Canadian filmmaker Lina Rodriguez — has been officially selected for the Toronto International Film Festival of 2022. In Germany, I have appeared most notably in the pilot “Homo Ludens”, directed by Rosana Cuellar and co-produced by acclaimed German director Wim Wenders. I also loved appearing in the short film “Modulation Nowhere”, directed by Todd Bogin.

I call Toronto home now, and I’m really excited to be working on North American TV and film projects, in addition to European ones.

Languages spoken: English, German, and Swedish.

Citizenship and Residency: Canadian Permanent Resident, German & Swedish citizen.

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